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Searchlight Fellowship Podcast

Mar 31, 2013

Jesus Christ is arguably the most popular and influential person in history and was crystal clear on his life's vision. In her annual Easter sermon, Pastor Nancy Berwid shares what Jesus' sacrifice for everyone means for the vision of their lives.

Mar 24, 2013

Of all the wonderful things in the world, the Bible says that we humans are God's own masterpiece. When it comes to living our vision, it is paramount that we have an honest appraisal of how God sees us. Find out just what that means in this week's teaching by Searchlight pastor Nancy Berwid.

Mar 17, 2013

What is your vision for your life? Do you have one? Do you want one? God not only wants you to have a vision for your life, but He wants you to have an amazing vision of an amazing life! This week in our Grand Opening teaching, Pastor Nancy Berwid teaches about how God only wants you to have a vision of a life that will...

Mar 10, 2013

Finding happiness and fulfillment often seem like two completely different paths. In this weeks teaching, Pastor Nancy Berwid teaches how God's plan for finding happiness isn't the goal, but the result of a different pursuit.